Judicial Organizations endorse Family Friendly Jury Duty Legislation

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Doug Fain, right, is sworn in as Jessamine Circuit Clerk by Jessamine circuit Judge Hunter Daugherty.  Mr. Fain is past president of the Kentucky Circuit Clerk’s Association and is currently the Legislative Chair.  Mr. Fain serves as a member of the Kentucky Criminal Justice Council and was named by Supreme Court Justice Joseph Lambert to be the only Circuit Clerk to sit on a Jury Review Commission headed up by Justice James Keller.

The Kentucky Circuit Clerk’s Association endorsed Kentucky House Bill 228 (Family Friendly Jury Duty legislation), filed for the 2005 Session of Kentucky’s General Assembly.

Passage of House Bill 228 would allow primary caregivers of children under the age of 6, and those that care for an elderly or disabled relative to be excused from jury duty, upon request.

The Kentucky Circuit Clerk’s Association believes this legislation will help ensure that jury deferral policies are more consistent throughout all of Kentucky’s court jurisdictions.

Personal conversation between Mr. Doug Fain, President of the Kentucky Circuit Clerk’s Association and Kathye Schattner, Feb 8, 2005