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Fifty Plus Advocate


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Fifty Plus Advocate


The Mature Market Voice for Eastern and Central Massachusetts since 1975



“Let’s hear it for those southerners:  Finally some possible recognition for the country’s most unsung heroes.  The Kentucky Senate just passed a bill (2000) that would excuse from jury duty, those caring for their young children or elderly relatives…Family caregivers often sacrifice their own health to ensure quality of life from their loved ones.  Since there are myriad names from which to draw for jury duty, caregivers should be excused from this burden”


“For winter blahs, complain and then visit flower show” (February 24, 2000) by  Sondra L. Shapiro.

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Organizations endorse Family Friendly Jury Duty

Children’s Alliance

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Family Foundation of KY

Family and Home Network

50 PLUS Advocate

Kentucky Commission on Women

Hearts at Home

La Leche League of Michigan

Mothers of Color at Home

Moms of Ohio PAC

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