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La Leche League of Michigan

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La Leche League of Michigan

“As members of the Board of Directors for La Leche League of Michigan, (we support Family Friendly Jury Duty and Michigan House Bill 4455*).

We consider this bill* important for all families...with young children.  Sudden separation of a young child from a parent or guardian can be very stressful, and most parents would find it difficult to arrange full-time day care on short notice for an indefinite number of days.  This bill will eliminate the anxiety caregivers experience when they are summoned for jury duty and do not have readily available safe childcare.


When the mother is breastfeeding, a sudden separation from her child puts her at risk for engorgement, plugged ducts, mastitis and a decrease the milk supply, and it puts her child at risk of weaning or refusing to eat while away from mom.  Since breastfeeding is regarded as the healthy choice for infant feeding, this bill will help to support and maintain the breastfeeding relationship.


*Michigan House Bill 4455,  a Family  Friendly Jury Duty initiative, which permits parents or guardians having active care and custody of a child under the age of 4 (during the courts’ normal hours of operation), to defer jury service, upon request.

14 October 2003

Click here for information in Michigan HB 4455

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