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Hearts at Home

Read Mrs. Jill Savage’s latest endorsement of Family Friendly Jury Duty in her letter of support for Ohio House Bill 256 here

Hearts at Home

Jill Savage,

Founder of Hearts at Home


…”The challenge before us now is to educate both the public and those who work in our judicial system. So many laws are passed each year, it is difficult to keep up with new legislation. It is possible that some full-time mothers can make the necessary arrangements to fulfill a jury duty summons. For those who cannot, though, it is important that they know about (Family Friendly Jury Duty laws for their state).

Donna [a stay at home mother of 4 who was instrumental in the passage of Illinois Public Act 91-0264, which excuses full-time parents of children under 12 from jury duty]  and I share similar feelings about jury duty. We were both excited when we received the summons to report for duty.

We had both wanted to not only serve our country in this way, but also experience the justice system from a juror's perspective.

There will be many years, though, when we can do that (serve on a jury) without the challenges of finding appropriate care for the children who are our full time responsibility…”


--“Stay-at-Home Moms have Jury Duty Option” by Jill Savage, (Hearts at Home Feature Column) The (Bloomington, IL) Pantagraph

November 4, 2000

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