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Moms for Ohio PAC

(writing in support of Ohio HB 256 - 2005 Session)



Moms for Ohio PAC,

Treasurer Charles S. Fast, II CPS

P.O. Box 114 Strongsville, OH 44136 PH: 440-846-0276

Email: moms@momsforohio.com




...As Ohioans, we want to do everything we can to serve our state. And ensuring that our court systems continue to provide Ohio families with a system that is fair and just to all is important to all of us, but as moms our first responsibility is to care for our childrenMothers should not be forced to choose between civic duty and the duty that we each have to care for our child.  Although many of us would be happy and honored to serve as jurors, there are some moms who simply do not have access to quality daycare.   To force these moms to put their child in a situation that would be unsafe would be horribly wrong. 

As moms, we want to set a good example for our children when it comes to civic duty and community service, and yet we must put the well-being of our children first.  (Family Friendly Jury Duty Legislation) HB 256 would allow moms to do both.  HB 256 doesn't say that moms will receive permanent deferrals from jury duty; it simply allows moms to defer their jury duty while they are caring for a young child or elderly disabled relative... 

Theresa Fleming

Director of Moms for Ohio

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