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(Last updated September 1, 2005)


Good News for California residents:

As of July 1, 2001, A bill instructing California courts to postpone the jury duty service of mothers who are breastfeeding took effect, thanks to the efforts of Assemblyman Ted Lempert, California mother Angela Ponzini, and the California State Legislature.

(California Rules of Court, Rule 859. Deferral of jury service)

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Eileen Schlaudt - Visalia, California

"As a mother of five children, all of whom have been breastfed, I can attest to the great need for this legislation. I have been summoned for jury service many times when breastfeeding and found it difficult for the judicial system to accommodate the needs of my little ones in this special season of their lives. On one occasion, I was required to bring my baby in to the jury office to fill out forms to request being excused. In another county, I had to appear without my child and wait until 3 in the afternoon before I could make my request to be excused."


Susan C. Jacoby - Clovis, California

"I am a Lactation Consultant in the County of Fresno, CA. I have worked in this capacity for over fifteen years, and in this time I have known of a number of instances in which breastfeeding mothers, especially in Tulare County, have been required to submit to jury duty in spite of their baby's need to be with them in order to breastfeed. I have been told of instances in which mothers were subjected to lectures by court staff people about their own personal opinion towards breastfeeding, leading them to be told they can not be excused since their child "ought" to be able to take a bottle, "ought" to be able to be left with sitters, etc."

These stories are from : newsgroup dated 3/25/2000

If you have been mistreated by the Courts in this way, or if you know of others that have, please click on the letter to e-mail me and share your story!

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