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Siriís Story

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Idaho - Siri Wright

†Upon giving the clerk my reporting number, the jury commissioner stormed out of her office.† She† snapped, "CHILDREN ARE NOT ALLOWED IN HERE! THIS IS NO PLACE FOR CHILDREN!" I told her I agreed that it was not, I again explained my circumstances. I explained that my daughter was still nursing and could not be separated from me, that my children had never had a babysitter, that I had no daycare and had no money for one, and that I had no family in state.


I also explained that my husband was away on a mobile job and was unreachable. She insisted, "THAT'S JUST NOT THE WAY THE WORLD WORKS!"† Then she demanded, "YOU TAKE THEM SOMEWHERE AND YOU'D BETTER DO IT FAST BECAUSE THEY'RE ABOUT TO START!"

I told her I was not able to do that.† She said, "I'M MARKING YOU DOWN AS A NO SHOW!" and then said that she would proceed with having me prosecuted for contempt of court. Her hostile tirade finally ended with her saying , "AND DON'T YOU DARE BRING THOSE KIDS WITH YOU TO COURT!"


This was very upsetting to the children and my little boy clung to my leg, actually trembling. At my home on Monday, January 24th at 2:30 p.m. I was served with an order to appear in court. Two deputy marshals served me with a summons and one pointed to the hearing date, Wednesday, January 26, 9:00 a.m. "As you can see", he snickered, "that's comin' right up."† (This was not the legal amount of time between service and court. "An order to show cause must be served at least 5 days prior to the date of the hearing."†

[Idaho Court Rules, Rule 6 c (2)]).


At the court hearing just over a day later, the judge did not dismiss the case as I had hoped. Rather, he chose to take it to trial, I plead not guilty to a charge of criminal contempt. This charge carries a penalty of 3 days in jail and a $100 fine.

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