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Siri Wright and Britta

A volunteer effort was started with the intent to enact legislation in Idaho that would† allow full-time parents and caregivers of family members the option to defer jury duty.


If anyone knows any further updates about Siriís current situation, or information about a family friendly jury duty initiative in Idaho, please e-mail me


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Siriís Story

Sandyís story


If you have been mistreated by the Courts in this way, or if you know of others that have, please click on the letter to e-mail me and share your story!

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More Idaho Hall of Shame stories

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Idaho - Siri Wright

The attorney was able to get a continuance and I was assigned a trial date of March 13.† I feel the charges were not dismissed at the first hearing because the judge, the prosecutor and the jury commissioner intend to make an example of me. I believe the judge has already made up his mind .† As it turns out, it was this judge's court in which I was unable to serve on the jury. It seems as if he has taken my inability to serve personally.


Ö I care for my children at home, myself. That is not illegal. This situation has caused such upheaval in our lives and I don't want any other family to have to go through this ordeal. This is an important issue not only for nursing mothers but also for single income families, single parents, home-schoolers, and anyone home with children or caring for family members. I wonder how many other people have been put through something like this?

(As of 3/8/02, the domain registration for Siriís webpage expired, and the porn merchants have snapped it up.† Siriís website is no longer on-line.

Update ó March 3, 2000

A massive outpouring of letters and E-mail from supporters of Siri overwhelmed the Court and shut down its computers.† Possibly due to the outraged letters and negative publicity the court received, Siriís criminal case was dismissed.† However, she was still required to serve her Jury Duty assignment.† The prosecutor recommended dismissal with the stipulation that Siri contact the Jury Commissionerís office once Britta had stopped nursing.† This was followed by a lengthy verbal reprimand from the judge to Siri regarding the volume of correspondence made to his office staff in regards to this case.


The jury commissioner was quoted in local media as saying that jury service is a serious civic duty and that people's lives are at stake. Wright maintains that the lives of her children are a more important civic duty. "It is not about shirking my jury service duty. If someone offered me a round-the-world trip with my husband, plus $10,000 a day in spending money, I'd have to turn it down. Britta and I are a unit, and to be separated is unthinkable."

-- The above paragraph excerpted from† ďIs Breastfeeding a Crime?Ē by Neysa C. M. Jensen,† Mothering Magazine, May/June 2000

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