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Lisa, mother of an autistic child

In 1999, Lisa was called to jury duty in Lexington, Kentucky. She requested to be excused because she has an autistic daughter, who requires very specific care. The judge refused to excuse Lisa, but gave her the option of serving one day per week. Even with this concession on the part of the judge, it was an extreme hardship for Lisa to make childcare arrangements for her special needs daughter.

Lisa did end up having to serve. She was so frantic about her child that the judge allowed her to go home.


J.M., mother of a severely diabetic child

J.M. of Lexington was called for jury duty in Lexington in early 2003. When she told the judge that her young son has brittle diabetes, had recently been put on an insulin pump, and that she was on call 24/7 for him, the judge refused to excuse her from jury duty! Instead, he postponed her for 2 months saying that her son would be used to the pump by then.


Melissa Mangold

Melissa, an at-home mother of 2 very young children was called for jury duty in Lexington in April 2001. When Melissa received her jury summons, she promptly wrote a letter to the Court explaining her situation and requested to be excused until her children were older. She received a form letter back indicating that if she wanted to be excused, she would have to talk to the judge when she reported for orientation.

Melissa went to orientation with her two children in tow. She tried her best to keep her children occupied & quiet during the long wait. When her daughter made some noise (as little children are prone to do), the judge chastised Melissa severely and ordered her and her children to wait out in the hall.

After all that she went through in order to speak to the judge, Melissa still was not excused!

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