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Mary Perkins, mother of baby triplets 

Mary Perkins, of Lexington, was called for jury duty in the Spring of 1999 when her triplets were around 1 year old.  Even though she wrote a letter, requesting to be excused because she was THE MOTHER OF BABY TRIPLETS, her request was denied!  She even enclosed a picture of the triplets!


Mary had to find someone to watch her 3 babies just so she could report for jury duty in order to speak to the judge.  She asked the judge to be excused due to her unique circumstances as a mother of triplet babies.

The judge only postponed Mary for 1 year, at which time she was called again.  This time the judge postponed Mary’s service for 6 more months stating that she could get a teenager to watch her kids since it would be summer by the time she would be called again.  Mary told the judge she wouldn’t trust a teenager to watch one child at that age (2-1/2 years), much less watch three little kids!  


 After one last deferral, Mary finally had to serve. 

 Jury duty proved to be an extreme hardship for Mary since:

·          She had to find last-minute, safe child care arrangements for three toddlers.

·          Her family could not help out -- her mother was deceased, and Mary had no family in town.

·          The cost of child care for three young children was a huge financial burden.


Deena Wertz

Denna Wertz, was called for jury duty in Lexington, Kentucky in 2002.  She wrote a letter requesting to be excused, since she was a full-time mother to her son who had just turned 2.  She explained that she quit her job in order to care for her son.  Serving on a jury for a month as required would defeat that purpose, as her son would have to be cared for by someone else during that time.  Denna has no family in town, and could not make babysitting arrangements on the spur of the moment.

Denna received a letter back stating that she was NOT excused. 

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