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Lisa Pauly

Lisa called me after hearing about Kentucky’s Family Friendly Jury Duty Bill from the president of her MOMS club.  This is her testimony given to the KY Senate Judiciary Committee, January 26, 2000.


Until I was called to jury duty, this issue of a “jury duty” bill (allowing full-time parents the OPTION to defer jury duty until their children were over the age of 6) had never crossed my mind.  I had been called to serve on U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Kentucky for 20 days or one year, whichever had come first.  There was no way possible I could serve.  My husband, mother and sister-in-law all worked and that exhausted my resources for sitters.


I wrote a letter to the jury clerk to be excused for hardship and was denied.  The letter said my husband could take vacation time for me to serve so one parent would be with the children


I was in shock!  There was no way his employer would allow that and also, he didn’t have 4 weeks vacation time to take.


I quit my job as a radiation therapist to raise my children at home.  I do not feel comfortable with any stranger caring for them.  You only need to read the paper or watch the news to understand that.  I did call day cares to see if they took drop-ins.  Only one facility in Lexington would take them — if they had space for that day, and at a rate of $68 per day!  How many one-income families can afford that?


To make a long story short, I had to tell very personal information to the judge to get excused.


We are not asking for a lifetime excuse, it is only 6 years of a child’s life.  Is that too much to ask?   I feel like I’m doing a greater civic duty by raising my children in a loving... home.


Please consider the well-being of at-home children of this state by endorsing Family Friendly Jury Duty Legislation.

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If you have been mistreated by the Courts in this way, or if you know of others that have, Please e-mail me and share your story!